Me, The NYT & My Neighborhood Pig

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The Berlinials say a tearful farewell to summer and huddle under their blankets (both for warmth and commitment to superior sound quality!) to bring you this latest episode!

We also dropped in on our lovely mates across the pond for a chat about life in Berlin for the Skylines City Metric podcast. Cheers!

This episode we discuss the #blessed ladies of social media: the rise of bragging on instagram and the tiring quest for ‘effortless perfection’

The pressure to look good on social media is also bleeding into real life and we chat about the real struggles of glam labour (no trust us, we did not #wakeuplikethis). Yes – even the Kardashians have a small country of minions to make them look the way they do!

Send us pictures of your blanket forts, adulting fancy dinners, dance parties…and those ass antlers!


Berlinials Summer Special III: Panda Cam

In the last of our summer special series, we get all meta-podcasty and talk about our favourite podcasts we’ve listened to so far this year.

We have a lot of podcast opinions, but we also have a very serious love of all things panda. We are especially fond of naughty baby pandas, and you should be too.

In this episode British Sarah does a run through of what feels like hundreds of British podcasts but singles out Skylines podcast from the New Statesman as her pick of the year. (Unrelatedly, British Sarah and Marissa were recently ON the Skylines podcast talking about, what else, Berlin.) British Sarah also mentions SRSLY , The New Statesman podcast and The Guardian’s Politics Weekly podcast.

Meanwhile, Marissa is all about You Must Remember This as podcast that explores the unseen history of Hollywood’s golden age.

Lastly, German Sarah goes all youth-culture on us again and nominates This Week Had Me Like as her best podcast this summer. Sarah also mentions the excellent Instagram account run by the podcast host Caroline Goldfarb for those that want to delve deeper. Sarah also makes mention of Start Up podcast from Gimlet media.

Berlinials Summer Special II: Working Girl

Welcome to the second episode of our pop culture summer special where the Berlinials stretch our attention spans to discuss our favourite movies of 2016.

Marissa, as usual, stuck with animated films and gave a shout out to Zootopia, if the idea of bunny cops and sloths at the DMV sound exciting, this is the film for you.

German Sarah went nostalgic for the 80s and checked out Working Girl: Melanie Griffiths, lady bosses and fun makeover montages. Just as relevant for the noughties as for the eighties.

British Sarah stopped chasing Pokemon long enough to check out Nightcrawler with the tongue twisting Jake Gyllenhaal

Apart from the new OJ Simpson movie and Channing Tatum’s dance skills, we also discuss plenty of films that definitely did NOT make our top list: World of Warcraft, Independence Day and Bone Tomahawk

Get physical with Crossfit or join our Tuesday Dance Party and shake along to Santigold or just #treatyoself to some new glasses !

Berlinials… LIVE! From Noizefabrik

In case you missed it, we did a live show at Noizefabrik in Neukölln last week. And of course we’d be remiss if we didn’t share that will all our lovely listeners! This time we talk slut shaming and filter bubbles as well as Donald Trump, Kim Kardashian and what pigs are doing clambouring up ramps… Enjoy!

Filter Bubble

Slut Shaming

On Kimmy K:


Hadley Freeman on KK’s ‘empowerment’ assertion: (second point)


On slutshame fatigue (both sides):


Slutshaming definition and practice:


Slut Shaming and Rape Culture:

Episode 6: On Wednesdays We Wear Neon

We do a lot of things on a Wednesday, but mostly, we wear neon.

In this episode of Berlinials, the girls talk about work friends and their lack thereof, why pink stinks and why Barbie’s new body is an evil capitalist ploy. They also talk about ‘woke’ which is a thing we all apparently need to know now… And what they’d do if for some horrible reason they had to leave Berlin forever.


Work Friends

Pink Stinks

What is Woke Exactly?

Berlin Bucket List



Cafe Jacques




Highlight of the Week

Gravitational Waves

Episode 5: Your Friends, Your Girls, Your Squad

WWhaaaat? A new episode for your earbuds???
In this lil late episode the Berlinials talk about ‪#‎digitialdivorce‬ and on how to be an ‪#‎instagrammwarrior‬ with your ‪#‎squad‬, at what point you just have to stalk, and some super up to date new years resolutions (confession: dry January only lasted for one week). Plus, the German word as well as our SRSLY amazing highlight of the week.


Episode 5: Your Friends, Your Girls, Your Squad

Shownotes can be found here:

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