Berlinials Summer Special III: Panda Cam

In the last of our summer special series, we get all meta-podcasty and talk about our favourite podcasts we’ve listened to so far this year.

We have a lot of podcast opinions, but we also have a very serious love of all things panda. We are especially fond of naughty baby pandas, and you should be too.

In this episode British Sarah does a run through of what feels like hundreds of British podcasts but singles out Skylines podcast from the New Statesman as her pick of the year. (Unrelatedly, British Sarah and Marissa were recently ON the Skylines podcast talking about, what else, Berlin.) British Sarah also mentions SRSLY , The New Statesman podcast and The Guardian’s Politics Weekly podcast.

Meanwhile, Marissa is all about You Must Remember This as podcast that explores the unseen history of Hollywood’s golden age.

Lastly, German Sarah goes all youth-culture on us again and nominates This Week Had Me Like as her best podcast this summer. Sarah also mentions the excellent Instagram account run by the podcast host Caroline Goldfarb for those that want to delve deeper. Sarah also makes mention of Start Up podcast from Gimlet media.


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