Berlinial Bonus: Treat Yo Self


We know we promised no more Berlinials until after the New Year, but we’ve just found time to squish a bonus episode in. Here we talk about our fave media from 2015. NO STAR WARS SPOILERS HERE.

Enjoy and Guten Rutsch!

Sarah D’s movie, TV and podcast faves of 2015:

Podcast by Megan Tan: Millenial – Millennial is a podcast about what people never teach you – how to maneuver your 20s can be found here.

Movie: Mistress America  or the Art of Making a Living as an Artist

Show: Broad City starring Ilana Glazer & Abbi Jacobson and exec. produced by Amy Poehler. Good read: The genius of Broad City: at last, a comedy that speaks to my world


Marissa’s highlights of 2015:

Movie: All about Inside Out and all about Fairy dream adventure party VII can be found here.

TV: M has been digging the TV reboot of the Coen Brother’s iconic Fargo, which The Guardian is raving about here

Podcast: She’s cheating a bit, but M has only just discovered NPR’s Planet Money this year, although we’ll let her off as it’s a truly excellent podcast.


Sarah C’s media picks

Movie: Never one for appearing highbrow, SC’s went with Jurassic World, a blockbusting reboot on the 90s classic. For the really keen, here’s an excellent interactive website for your dino-needs.

TV: Better Call Saul, the spinoff to Vince Gilligan’s Breaking Bad has been SC’s BB methadone this year, although it’s an excellent show in its own right.

Podcast: New podcast station Gimlet Media’s first show, Startup, is SC’s pick for podcast of the year. Be warned: meta-podcasting.


Episode 4: It’s all sausage to me

Ho ho ho kids! In this epsiode, the Berlinials get ‪#‎sapiosexual‬ in Kreuzberg, disuss parents and technology as well as our feelings about ‪#‎squads‬ and ‪#‎powercouples‬. Plus, our ‪#‎hotw‬ and ze Germans and their sausage obsessions. Stay warm! Drink Glühwein, and enjoy the podcast!


Show notes

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Episode 2: Power Ladies and Their Choice of Drink

Looking for some hot stuff? Listen to our second episode where we dicuss networking, its stumbling blocks and how to overcome them. Do you also sometimes feel different when you speak in another language and have you asked yourself what your favourite TV show hero is drinking? ‪#‎makeparty‬


Read more about language personalities here

There is q12182305_10156155265165621_373341877_nuite a lot out their about power ladies and their choice of drink

Meet the Berlin Podcasters!

‘For a city full of young English speakers, there is a surprising gap in the Berlin cultural landscape for art, literature, news, and chat in English. The girls behind Berlinials, a new English-language podcast, have rushed into the vacuum to offer chat, fun, and a look at life in Berlin for English speakers everywhere. The Culture Trip met with two of them them to talk podcasts, English, and life in the city.’

The Berlinials have gone from just a casual thing to officially in a podcast! Thanks for the write up The Culture Trip Berlin!

Find the article here: ‘Meet The Berlin Podcasters’ at the Culture Trip Magazine

Episode 1: Grief Bacon What?

The first full episode of the Berlinials is out now. We discuss fake it until you make it, all about athletic wear, bye bye ‪#‎summer‬ and what to do to get through the autumm ‪#‎chills‬, and a thing called grief ‪#‎bacon‬. You can also find the Berlinials on Itunes or any other podcast app you use. Enjoy the show!

Show notes:

Article on Imposter Syndrom by Ann Friedmann can be found here as well as some inspo about power posing.

What’s up with athletic wear and a video on how to wear it best click here.

Claire Danes Techno: