Berlinials Summer Special II: Working Girl

Welcome to the second episode of our pop culture summer special where the Berlinials stretch our attention spans to discuss our favourite movies of 2016.

Marissa, as usual, stuck with animated films and gave a shout out to Zootopia, if the idea of bunny cops and sloths at the DMV sound exciting, this is the film for you.

German Sarah went nostalgic for the 80s and checked out Working Girl: Melanie Griffiths, lady bosses and fun makeover montages. Just as relevant for the noughties as for the eighties.

British Sarah stopped chasing Pokemon long enough to check out Nightcrawler with the tongue twisting Jake Gyllenhaal

Apart from the new OJ Simpson movie and Channing Tatum’s dance skills, we also discuss plenty of films that definitely did NOT make our top list: World of Warcraft, Independence Day and Bone Tomahawk

Get physical with Crossfit or join our Tuesday Dance Party and shake along to Santigold or just #treatyoself to some new glasses !


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