Episode 3: Chill Or Work On It Till You Die!

Charge your electronic devices, because the Berlinials are back! Sarah, Marissa and Sarah talk about the Martian (we’re so up to date), digitial health and its relationship to smoking, and why and when to be busy…like for forever. Plus, some hot and explosive highlights of the week ‪#‎hotw‬!




Phia and Josh. As the World falls down. David Bowie cover for Rolling Stones Germany.

Phia, new single: Phia. So far so close can be found here.

Ghosting: http://www.nytimes.com/2015/06/26/fashion/exes-explain-ghosting-the-ultimate-silent-treatment.html?ref=fashion&target=comments#commentsContainer

More on ghosting!

Five stages of ghosting, we feel this article..

Master of None trailer.

Thoughts of a pornstar James Deen can be found here.

Music by Adrianna Krikl – Tomorrow.


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